Customer support
1 Product Pick-Up
1.1 What do I need to get my purchase?

You should have your email receipt with your order number and name. This can be on your phone or printed out (but we prefer your phone to reduce the use of paper).

If someone else other than your family member with the same last name is picking up your purchase, please provide them with a copy of the order number so we can verify the purchase.

1.2 Why don't you mail purchases?

In order to keep costs down we have decided to not offer shipping on purchases. Instead parents or their children are able to pick up the purchase on campus.

1.3 Where do I pick-up my purchase?

Most orders will be available within 48 hours. Pickups can be made at the Meadowridge School Store, located on the Meadowridge School Campus.

If requested your purchase can be left at the Front Desk.

1.4 Can someone else pick-up my order?

Yes! Please give them a copy of your order confirmation (paper or email).